• You know what they say, three strikes and you're out.

    So I've learned my lesson, never take other stations' callsigns for granted.

    Will you please give my one last chance, I'll try to do far better this time.

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    • Yep. That's entirely true.

      However, in order for you to be let back on FTVS, I will need to get the nod from Andy and the mods. Andy and I are now the admins of FTVS. If he gives me the go ahead to let you back on, then that will be done. If no, then, you probably already know what that means.

      If Andy allows me to let you back on FTVS, you will be given a 30 day probation period. That means you can't screw it up even once. 

      I may let you back on to the ABN fandom page so long as you adhere to your promise.

      Regarding your suggestion on the rules, a few of us on the FTVS Discord chat room had muddled about revising the rules but haven't had the time to go through and see what we can revise. I will bring this to everyone on the FTVS Discord sometime this week.

      With that, it's probably best to hold tight until Andy and I have made our decision and we fill you in on what we decided.

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    • I swear on those wonderful powers of yours, not to extend 30 days. Satisfied?

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    • Plus, I even founded my own wiki:

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    • A FANDOM user
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